15 Mar

The high expectations of weave!

So today I am going to talk about something that I notice. A lot of people have high expectations of hair that is not growing out of there scalp. Weave extensions are not invincible . A lot of people think that your hair is not supposed to shed but that is false. Real hair growing from the scalp sheds, so why wouldn't hair that is wefted shed a little too? Now of course big globs of hair are not supposed to come out but a strand or two on the floor is normal and that does not mean its bad hair. Also a lot of people dont comb their hair because its virgin hair. You still have to treat your extensions like your real hair or it will tangle. The high expectations of weave sometimes cloud a lot peoples judgement and deter people from shopping certain places. I use to have these high expectations when it came to hair but then I had to educate myself and realize even though its virgin hair,  it still is hair and hair is not always perfect and hair can only be perfect and healthy if you take care of it.

I hope this helped 

Until next time guys,

-Cydnei Mcguire

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