08 Nov

Virgin Hair 101



Peruvian Virgin Hair


What is Virgin Hair? What does Remi mean? What is Raw?  Here are a few quick answers to the most asked questions about virgin hair?

1. What is Virgin Hair? Virgin Hair simple refers to 100% human hair, that has not been chemically altered for texture or color. There is always a big debate in the hair industry if steamed hair still qualifies as virgin hair. Our personal opinion is that steamed hair is still virgin hair because no chemicals are used to create color or texture. It will be more expensive in cost than other extensions because it will last over a year and can be reused.


2.What does Remi Mean? Remi is a term used to describe quality of hair because it refers to a process of having all hair cuticles going in the same direction causing the hair not to tangle. 


3. What is Raw hair? Mostly referred to by Indian Temple Hair Suppliers, this hair is in its most natural state. No chemicals or steam. 




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