25 Feb

Curly Hair At Its Best: Spotlight on Brazilian Curly

In Jan 2015, VHD introduced our new line of curly hair and our Brazilian Curly was apart of that launch. This hair is a steamed texture on our Virgin Brazilian imported texture and it is beautiful! this hair is medium to high luster, and has much body.


Can curly hair be straightened? YES! Do we recommend, no. We recommend curly hair be left in its natural state. Just like any hair that grows from your head, the more heat that is applied over time will cause its natural curl patterns start to loosen. 

There has been many debates about steamed vs raw. Well both textures are still virgin hair because no chemicals are used to create the pattern or color. Steamed textures offer more exotic patterns that women naturally love and offer less maintenance. We love our new beautiful curly hair. Check it out.

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