18 Jun

Proper Co-Washed Hair

A proper co-wash consist of a great conditioner and warm water.  When hair is properly co-washed , weekly, you extend the life of your hair by years. This is key to keeping your hair for 12 months or more. We suggest using the Elite Tresses 2 part Cleanse system or the Organix products. 

Once you have chosen your conditioner, add warm water to your sink and conditioner. You will want to dip the hair in the solution up and down until completely submerged into water mix.

After you have done this about 8-10 times, place hair on towel and allow to air dry.

A good co-wash should be done weekly.  You will also want to invest in some aragon oil for when your hair gets sticky. This will give the hair new life and its light weight.


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