06 Jul

Virgin Hair Education

Purchasing virgin hair has become very hard for most because the market is full of sellers selling imitation virgin hair. Most times you know your hair is imitation because of how cheap it is. Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing virgin hair.

  • Be mindful of what you want. How many installs do you want to use your hair for? 3 or more??? Then you will want to purchase the best quality and this will cost you a few coins. 
  • Brazilian hair is the least expensive hair you can buy that is good quality and will last up to two installs. More if cared for better.
  • Know the difference between steamed textures and raw textures.  Raw textures are beautiful, natural, and will las the longest. Our RVI Indian hair is raw.
  • Find a hair home and stay there :) This will keep your chances of getting bad hair down.
  • Make sure your expectations for your hair match your budget. 

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