27 Aug

Proper Way to Bleach your extensions!

If you are like me when you get your hair this post is definitely for you. !!!! Every time I get my Quality Virgin Depot Hair I always want to experiment and bleach the extensions myself because for one it's cheaper and for two I don't like waiting . When I get hair et anxious and I want to be fleeked out ASAP. 

So when bleaching your bundles you want to make sure you have all the proper tools. I use clairol BW 2 . It works great for my extensions and my hair never comes out dry or damaged. And this last time I bleached My Peruvian curly hair from virgin hair depot and my curls were still in tact . So Clairol is a great product. Also you will need a 30 volume developer, if you want to see results quicker you can use a 40 volume . Just be mindful of the time because you don't want to fry your hair. You will need aluminum foil to put the hair in which helps the bleach set in because it the foil produces heat which makes the bleaching process easier . Also  You always want to make sure you have a pair of gloves and a face mask for your own protection of your skin . 

Now let's get to the coloring. You want to undo all of your hair bundles and lay them out so that the color will spread evenly throughout and you won't have any dark spots. But if you like the highlight look then you can leave the hair in the bundle and bleach it that way . That is what I did with my Peruvian curly hair because I think the highlight look looks more natural . But it really is all about personal preference. After mixing your developer with your clairol powder you want to start applying the bleach on the hair. You can either use your hands or if you want to get fancy you can use a brush . If you want your ends lighter start at the bottom first then work your way to the top. Be sure to make sure the bleach is evenly spread through out your bundles. Once you feel like the bleach is evenly spread throughout the hair put each bundle in a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it up tight . You should already see your hair changing slightly as your wrapping your hair in the foil. Let the hair sit for about 15-20 min. If you still feel like it's not light enough you can leave it on there a little longer maybe to about 25 min that's the max. Feel your hair to make sure it's not dry and it's not steaming. If it get to that point wash it out. If after 25 min your hair is still not as light as you want it . You will have to repeat the process the next day. After the process you will need to follow up with a wash and a deep condition. Organix products are always great for hydrating the hair and keeping it that way ! 

Hopefully your turns out great after reading this blog post ! 

Goodluck . 

Here is a picture of my finished product :) 







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