05 Sep

Good method to blend your hair with your curly hair

 If you are like me always trying to find a good way to blend your real hair with your curly hair extensions I found the solutions. My hair is natural so it gets frizzy easy and  trying to avoid putting heat on it. So I came up with the French braiding method. What that Intells is you French braiding your leave out . If you have a middle part braid each side of your leave out back,  It will be like how your stylist braids your leave out when you first get your sew in. Your hair shouldn't be wet when your braid it and the roots should be somewhat kind of straight. If your hair is really thick and curly blow drying it will help blend it better because curly hair extensions usually have straight or wavy roots. If you have kinky curly hair wetting it then braiding will blend better because kinky curly is designed to be bigger and blend better with your natural hair. You should definitely let the braids sit over night so that it can get crinkly . The next day you should use a little bit of oil while taking out the braids just to avoid your ends being dry and also your leave out getting frizzy. Once you take your hair out it will blend well and your can go about your day. I do recommend braiding it up every night just to keep the crinkle! 

Hope this works for you ! Like it did for me . :) 

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