08 Sep

Choosing your hair color for the fall!

Fall hair colors are usually really fun and easy to choose because they are your more natural hair colors. Whenever choosing a hair color you have to keep in mind the colors that are in each season. The colors in fall are usually your more natural tones. Usually people pick colors that go well with their skin complexion. And they are usually your more dull colors, dark but not to dark. Auburns, Browns, reds, and highlighted  blondes are usually the most popular hair colors for the fall. If your hair is already blonde adding brown highlights to tone it down would be very cute but still bright. If you have brown hair dying it auburn and then adding a blonde ombré at the bottom looks really good for the season. If you think about the colors of the leaves in the fall it really helps you when picking a hair color because it gives you an idea. The cool thing about Choosing a hair color is that their are different tones and shades of each color so their are a lot of options. For instance if you choose a red color you can choose a deep red which could almost be purple. Purple is also a really nice color for the season. Above are pictures and examples of different people with fall hair colors ! I hope this helps you :) 

Good luck with choosing your hair color this season!

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