15 Sep

The Proper Way to Slay

Slay means to greatly impress or amuse someone .                                                             Slaying isn't just what you wear, slaying is your overall presence.

Things you should keep in mind when you are trying to accomplish a slay.

Confidence is key. The more you believe you are slaying the more believable it comes off to everyone else. 

Once you are confident the next step is Your hair. Making sure your hair is on fleek is very important.

The next important thing is your makeup if your face is beat and your hair is done it doesn't matter what you have on . You will forever slay.

Last but not least is your outfit. Your outfit doesnt have to be much. Slaying is all about being confident and wearing everything with style. You can slay in a sweatsuit it doesn't matter. 

Slaying is a lifestyle . You can slay with everything . "I just slayed a test." 

Virgin Hair Depot Slays Daily.  

Hope my Slay Lesson of the Day was helpful!


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