23 Sep

Maintaining extensions without getting leave out wet

Customers are always asking how to maintain their curly hair extensions from Virgin Hair Depot. Well there is a quick and easy method. This method can work with all curly hair extensions. 

For this method all you will need is a a spray bottle with water in it and conditioner (leave in or regular)

  1. First you should braid your leave out or clip it so it can be out of your way and so it won't get wet.
  2. Then you take your spray bottle and spray it throughout your hair. You want to make sure you get all of the hair wet. It does not have to be drenched but it should be wet enough to the point where your curls are forming. 
  3. After your hair is wet enough you want to apply your conditioner. You want to start at your ends and as your applying the conditioner you want to scrunch it up. This helps forms the curls as well. You want to make sure you applied enough conditioner throughout the hair, this will make your extensions soft and bouncy.
  4. After you've applied your water and conditioner, let your hair air dry. Repeat this process daily and your curly will always be fresh and in tact. 

This method is good also because it avoids your braids from getting wet. 


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