14 Oct

Is hair still virgin if it has been steam processed

There are a lot of questions being asked as far as what hair being steamed processed means and is the hair still virgin. First lets define what virgin hair really is. 

Virgin hair pertains to hair that has not been dyed, bleached, or permed. In other words hair that is not CHEMICALLY treated. 

Steam Processing as far as hair is concerned uses water to create steam to make sure the hair is the perfect texture and also removes any fungus or bacteria that the hair could have had. Steam processing is more for the curlier textures that you see in virgin hair stores, like our store Virgin Hair Depot. The steam is what makes the curl pattern and keeps the pattern soft and in tact. 

So now that we have defined virgin hair and steam processing, we can come up with our conclusion!!!! Due to the fact that there has been nothing chemically done to the hair, it is STILL considered VIRGIN. Its basically like you going from straight to curly by using rollers. 

I hope this helped any confusion as far as steam processing is concerned because I know when the word processed and hair is used in the same sentence people get scared. 




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  • Ariaka


    October 14, 2015 at 07:19 PM

    This was a great read. Girls have questions all the time about this. Many don’t even know about steam. Thanks for the information.

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