31 Oct

Why rinsing your hair with cold water is important


A lot of people including myself have gotten in the habit ofi rinsing there conditioner out with warm water . The reason is because people dont know that the temperature of the water has any effect on your hair. Well it does! Warm water gets all the dirt out yes but it also gets rid of all the products and any moisture in your hair. Cold water holds in moisture and products . 


When you shampoo your hair and wash it out you should definitely wash it out with warm water but for the conditioning phase rinse with cool water because it will definitely make your hair feel soft and  moisturized. You never want to dry out your hair and using heat in any way will do that! 

This goes for your Virgin Hair Depot extensions or any extensions for that matter . You want to hold as much moisture in your hair as possible .

I hope this helped you and will help your journey to healthy hair! 

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