24 Nov

Elite tresses Raw Virgin Indian Hair

Hey Beauties !

I am excited to talk about my favorite hair today by Elite Tresses and if you are a hair fanatic like me, you will be too! Elite Tresses offers premium Raw Virgin Indian Hair. This RVI hair is our top seller and here is why:

Elite Tresses RVI hair comes in a natural curl. It will last you years with no changes in texture or thickness in the bundle. Due to the hair being raw and straight from the donors head it allows you to do more with to it without there being damage and also it will give you a more natural texture. 

If you are like me , natural and the humidity's worst enemy this hair is definately for you. It will frizz up with your hair and it will also be as thick as your hair. Our RVI hair is 4 0z a bundle which means it is really thick, so you dont have to buy 5 bundles in order to achieve that full thick look. If you are into the silky silk press this hair will achieve that look as well. It irons out and curls flawlessly. 

If your not sure what raw virgin hair is please check out our previous blog posting explaining the difference between our Brazilian Wavy and our RVI hair. 

To see or purchase the hair you can visit the website at www.virginhairdepot.com or visit a store near you :)

Until next time 
-Cydnei Mcguire

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