25 Nov

Stop the Curly Hair Frizz!!!

If you have natural curly hair or even if you have in Elite Tresses curly hair extensions here is a hair tip to stop the frizz for you!

Most of the time with curly hair you wash and go. Well many don't know that the way you dry your hair can affect the moisture of your hair. Towels are not healthy for natural hair nor extensions because the fibers from the towels damages and dries out hair. 

So the solution to the problem is by simply taking an old cotton t-shirt and drying your hair with that. It will make a big difference and your curls will still be in tact no frizz! . Don't believe me ? Try this at home and comment and tell me about your experience with my frizz tip. I tried it myself and it really works! Oh yeah before I forget you still have to put your daily products in your hair, this does not take place of that ! 

Well Until next time

-Cydnei Mcguire

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