28 Nov

Black Friday MADNESS!

Dear Fellow Readers,

I know this is not my typical topic and has nothing to do with beauty or hair but I just had to share my Black Friday experience with you guys.

So here is the thing I have not ever been Black Friday shopping before yesterday.  IT WAS TERRIBLE . It was like a zoo haha. So crowded and people were running over my little brother with their strollers (how rude). I was so angry I could not enjoy it . Then on top of that the sales were really terrible .  I really can't complain because I knew what I was getting myself into  but It really was just the rudeness of people trying to run over people just to buy a shirt CRAZINESS .  There is a lot wrong with that picture but that's another story for another day ! Moral of the story I learned my lesson . I'll stick to online . But feel free to comment and share your thoughts even if you disagree . Let's talk! 

Until next time :)

- Cydnei McGuire

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