02 Dec


Hey guys !

I'm back and today I'm going to be discussing an important topic, "THE IMPORTANCE OF TREATING YOUR VIRGIN HAIR LIKE YOU TREAT YOUR HAIR."  I say this because many think that since the hair is not growing from your scalp it is invincible. Meaning it takes care of itself and you don't have to care to it. But that's not the case. Virgin Hair is still hair , it still needs the same maintance as your hair because it can dry out and be damaged like your own. It also can get to greasy and it will stiffen as time progresses. So it's really important to wash it after the style gets old to keep it fresh . In previous blogs we have discussed how to maintain the hair and wash it . So after reading this blog you should check out the other ones for further details on how to care for hair 

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-Cydnei Mcguire

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