09 Dec

How to make faux bangs

So bangs have came back thanke to the karuechees and Kendall Jenner , so today I'm going to tell you how you can make faux bangs. All you will need is a two hair ties, your usual tools you use for your ponytail, and Bobby pins .

First you put your hair in a pony tail . It should be right but of course not too tight . Depending on how long your hair is will determine how high to put it. If your hair is really long you shouldn't put it so high.

After you put your hair in a pony tail take some of the hair of the pony tail and drape it in front of your face . Make sure it's enough hair to make a bang . Because you don't want your bang to be thin.

After the hair is draped in front of your face. Finger or comb the hair out to get it to look like a full bang.

Once the bang is like your want it . Take a Bobby pin and pin the top of your head. This will hold the bang in place. 

Once you've done that it's time to create your bun. Wrap what's left of the hair into a bun. You might need Bobby pins for that as well depending on the form of bun you want and how neat you want it. 

Once your bun is all set up. Time to touch up your bangs . Flat iron the bang to make sure it's flat . From here you can get creative ! 

I hope you enjoy your faux bangs ! 

Until next time 

-Cydnei Mcguire



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