26 Dec

What is a quick weave? And is it a good protective style?


Hey Guys,

I have had a lot of people ask me what a quick weave is and is it good for protective styling. A quick weave is basically hair extensions being bonded together by glue onto a cap that goes over your hair, or the glue can be applied right onto your hair. It gives the illusion of a sew in but its quicker and of course it does not last as long.  Some people leave there quick weaves in for a month but I say you should leave it in for 2 weeks at the max. A quick weave does not damage your hair as long as you have somebody to do it that knows what they are doing. It can definitely be a protective style especially because it is not in as long as a sew in so you can let your hair breathe and wash it before doing the quick weave again. 

I hope this helps and answered some of you alls questions.

Until Next Time,

-Cydnei Chyan

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