26 Jan

how you can make your body wave hair curly

Hey guys,

Today I am going to tell you some ways on how you can make your body wave hair or even straight hair curly.

One way that is probably the most common is using a curling wand. Depending on how big your wand is will determine how big your curls are. Also curling little sections at a time will give you smaller and tighter curls.

Another way you can curl your hair is doing a roller or rod set. Depending on the type of curls you want will determine what kind of rollers you would want to get. 

The other way that I wanted to share was boiling your hair with flexi rods. This will only work if your hair is not yet installed. All you have to do is take small pieces of your hair in each bundle and rod them. Once all the hair is rodded you put the hair in a pot of boiling water and you let it boil for about 30 min to an hour. 

I hope one or all these techniques help you achieve a curly hairstyle

Feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts!

Thanks for reading

-Cydnei Mcguire

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